After you have forked the IGB repository and cloned your fork to your local computer, you can test another developer's branch by following the steps on this page.

To fork the IGB repository and clone your fork, please follow the instructions on the Developing IGB page.

Step 1:

Find the developer's fork through the IGB repo on BitBucket.

Step 2:

Get the URL of the developer's repository.

Note: The URL should contain the username of the developer who forked the IGB repo.

Step 3:

Add the developer's remote repository as a remote repo of your own local repo

git remote add REPO_ALIAS REPO_URL

where REPO_ALIAS is whatever alias you choose to assign the developer's repo.

For example:

git remote add JohnDoe

Step 4:

Fetch the branches from their repository.

git fetch REPO_ALIAS

Step 5:

Checkout the branch you are interested in from the new remote repo


where BRANCH_NAME is the name of the branch in the remote repo.

Step 6:

Open the project into your IDE and run it.