Use the Current Genome tab to select the species, genome version, and chromosome to view in IGB.

Species link

Clicking the Species link (blue arrow) returns you to the IGB start screen.

Choosing species and genome version

All species and genome versions supported by IGB data sources appear in the Species and Genome Version menus.

If you have added your own custom genome, it will also be listed here.

To view a new genome

Choose a sequence to view

The Current Genome tab contains a table listing chromosomes and chromosome sizes for the current genome version.

Use this table to sort chromosomes by name or size or to choose a new chromosome to view.

To change to a new sequence

To sort by size or name

View the entire genome

The chromosome table contains a row named genome. Clicking this row activates a whole-genome view in which all chromosomes are shown in IGB.

Whole genome view (click to enlarge)