Use IGB bookmarks to:

Bookmarks tab overview

The Bookmark tab allows you easy access to the bookmark list and provides tools for managing and sharing bookmarks.

IGB bookmarks tab with example bookmarks

Returning to a bookmarked region

To return to a bookmarked region,


Bookmarks menu

Creating new bookmarks

To bookmark a location and data scene


A window will appear with places to enter a name, notes, and bookmark type.

New bookmark window

Bookmark types

Position Only bookmarks record genome, current position and zoom level.

Position and Data bookmarks record genome, current position, zoom level, and data sets.

Managing bookmarks

You can sort your bookmarks into folders and associated comments with comments on folders.

To edit the name or comments associated with a bookmark or folder

To delete a bookmark or folder

Exporting and Importing bookmarks

To save a copy of the bookmarks to a file

To import another user's bookmarks

Bookmarks are saved as a single file in an HTML-based format. Use caution if you choose to edit the file.

You can import multiple sets of bookmarks during the same IGB session. Imported bookmarks will be added to the end of the list of existing bookmarks.

Viewing bookmark properties (for advanced users)

To see when a bookmark was created and the region it refers to

To see other properties of a bookmark


A new window will open that reports information about the bookmark and how IGB represents it internally.

To see how IGB combines these properties into an IGB bookmark, export your bookmarks and open the bookmarks file in a text editor to inspect bookmark syntax.

IGB bookmarks file

IGB saves your bookmarks at the end of each session in a file named bookmarks.html in a folder named .igb in your home folder.