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IGB App repositories are Web sites or even local folders that can provide Apps for IGB to install. Control which App repositories are available to IGB by using the App Repositories Manager.  

Viewing the app repositories manager

To view and manage IGB App repositories:

  • From the Menu Bar at the top of the IGB interface, select File > Preferences
  • Select the App Repositories tab

The app repositories tab

Managing App repositories

Adding and enabling App repositories

Repositories can be added by clicking the Add button, which will open the window shown below. To complete the process:

  • Enter a name (it can be anything you like)
  • Specify the URL or click Choose local folder for the repository
  • Ensure that the Enabled checkbox is checked

Add App Repository screen


Disabling and removing App repositories

You can turn off IGB access to a repository by unchecking the Enabled box. This action removes its Apps from the list of available Apps in the IGB App Manager. To delete a repository, click to select it in the list of repositories and click the Remove button.

Refreshing a repository 

When IGB starts, it contacts each enabled App repository and requests its list of Apps. The highest version of each App that IGB is compatible with is then listed in the App Manager. However, if a higher version of an App is released from one of these repositories when IGB is already running, IGB will not show it. If this occurs, refresh the App repository to force IGB to refresh its lists of available Apps from that repository. 




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