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Get the latest version of IGB from Follow the downloads link to get an IGB installer for your platform.

Get compiled IGB (not using native installer)

You can get a "zip" file with compiled IGB from this link:

Unpack the "zip" file and launch IGB using the IGB run script for your platform: run_igb.bat for Windows, run_igb.command for Mac, and for Linux.

Installing on Linux

Download the Linux installer and run it using:


Installers with older versions of IGB are available from: http

How to change IGB memory usage


On Linux/Windows, the vmoptions file is in ${IGB_INSTALLATION_DIR}/IntegratedGenomeBrowser.vmoptions, where $IGB_INSTALLATION_DIR is the folder where IGB resides.


Make IGB look better on high resolution displays on Windows

When running IGB on high resolution displays using the windows operating system, the icons may be smaller than desired. To correct this issue, you can change IGB's DPI settings as follows: