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When users right-click a gene model or other item in the display, IGB displays a menu with links to external Web sites. These links to external Web sites are called "LinkOuts."

You can create new LinkOuts using the Web links tool.

LinkOut contents

A LinkOut consists of

  • URL the Web page IGB will open when users right-click an item
  • Name the LinkOut name displayed in the right-click menu
  • Pattern the pattern IGB matches against track id or item id to create the LinkOut

Every item in the IGB display has an id or identifier.

IGB uses this id to create the URL.

How to create a new LinkOut

Click Tools > Web Links to open the Web Links tool.

Use the Web Links tool to create new LinkOuts. Use the existing LinkOuts as a guide to making new ones.

To find out an item's id

  • Click the item to selected it
  • Click the Selection Info tab or Info button in the Selection Info box (top right)

Links to documentation on Java regular expressions

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