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Watch this lecture:

Cell Lines, Microarrays, Drugs and Disease: Trying to Predict Response to Chemotherapy

Given by Prof. Keith Baggerly

  • Go to: The Importance of Reproducible Research in High-Throughput Biology: Case Studies in Forensic Bioinformatics Oct 2010

Links to mp4 files and others are at the end of the page.

Answer the following questions about the talk:

  1. What does Dr. Baggerly mean by: "forensic bioinformatics?"
  2. Describe how the following programming errors or bad coding practices led to erroneous results as described in the talk.
    1. off-by-one (fencepost error)
    2. failure to handle header
    3. bad variable names
  3. Describe specific coding strategies that could have prevented such errors. In other words, if you were doing a code review of the researchers' scripts or programs, what specific changes would you recommend that would have prevented the errors? 

You can download the mp4 video directly onto your desktop using wget:
$ wget