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To make it easy for you to move through a genome, IGB implements a visualization technique called animated one-dimensional semantic zooming.

This means we provide separate controls for vertical and horizontal zooming - the "one-dimensional" part. "Semantic zooming" means that when you zoom in or out, objects on display change their appearance depending on the zoom level. Also, when you zoom in or out, the position of your last click (indicated by the zoom stripe graphic) stays put while the display stretches or contracts around it.

As a result, zooming in IGB evokes the feeling of effortless flight through a genome; and just as importantly, you can easily adjust the zoom level to match the genes, sequence reads, or other items you're investigating.

One you've set the zoom level, you can use IGB horizontal and vertical scrollbars to move the display right and left or up and down. IGB also features a move tool that lets you move in any direction.

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