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Selection and Move modes

You can use the mouse to select items or move the display, depending on which mouse mode you've selected. In Move mode, click-dragging on the main data display moves it from side to side, or up and down. In Selection mode, clicking or click-dragging on the display selects items, allowing you to find out more information about them, run Google searches, and more.

To set the mouse mode, click the Selection Tool or the Move tool buttons:

  • The Selection tool  
  • The Move tool    

To change to Selection mode, click the Selection tool. You can now select items in IGB by clicking or click-dragging. You can also jump-zoom to a region by click-dragging a region of the sequence axis.

To change to Move mode, click the Move tool.


To temporarily switch between mouse modes, click and hold the ALT button.  When you release the mouse button, you'll return to the currently selected mouse mode.

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