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Use Preferences > Tracks to configure the appearance of loaded tracks. Changes take effect immediately if Auto Refresh is selected or when you click the Refresh button. You can also change many aspects of track appearance using the Annotation tab or by right-clicking a track label.

For more about changing the appearance of tracks, read Customizing track appearance

Track List

The Tracks tab has a list showing all loaded tracks (all tracks listed in the Data Access > Data Management table). You can select a track by clicking on it in this list. This table allows you to select any number of tracks, so that you can apply changes to one, all or a subset.

To select multiple tracks

  • Click a track while pressing CNTRL (on Mac, press CMD)


Track Name can be changed by typing in the entry box. This can also be changed from the Data Access > Data Management Table.

To change the Foreground color (FG), the Background color (BG) or the Track Label color, the color square and choose a color. To change the Track Label Font size, use the font size dropdown box. Color and font size can also be changed from the Annotation or Graph tabs; color can be changed from the Data Access panel.

The Annotation Label Field box allows you to have a specific label displayed over your annotations.  The default option is gene name, however you can use any property available within the file including, name, ID, gene descriptions or score. The Annotation Label Field box dynamically adjusts to offer you all options for a selected track. You can turn off the labels by setting Label Field to *none*.

Show Strand

IGB allows you to control the strand display. Checking Arrow will show directional arrow heads within introns, and will put a pointed end onto the last exon of each gene model. +/- allows the user to combine both plus and minus strands into a single track, as opposed to the default which draws the + strand above the coordinate axis, and the - strand below the axis. Checking Color will change the color of all annotations from the Foreground color to the + color or the - color. The colors can be used as default or changed to your preference by clicking on the color box(es). You can all options at the same time, and these options can be used whether or not the strands are combined.

Restore to Default

Sometimes after changing the appearance of a track in a variety of ways, colors and font sizes, etc., you want to return it to the original settings. Restore to Default will restore the track to the Preferences > Track Default settings.


If the default has been changed or updated after loading the selected track, using the Restore to Default button will change all the setting to be in line with the current Track Default.

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