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The IGB 7.0 introduced the Toolbar, which provides one-click access to most IGB functions. To see a list of IGB functions you can add to the Toolbar, select File > Preferences > Toolbar. Use the Toolbar tab in the IGB to view or change keystroke shortcuts for these and other IGB functions.

Adding Shortcuts to the Toolbar

To select a shortcut function to add to the Toolbar, check its box in the Toolbar? column. To the left you can see the icon as it will appear in the Toolbar, and to the right is the name of the function. If you would like to add a function to the Toolbar that does not have an icon, let us know! If you would like a function that does not appear in the list at all, let us know! We are always happy to help out with new features and options.

If you would prefer to set and use Key Stroke short cuts, click in the Key Stroke field for your selected shortcut, and the cursor will appear in an open text box. Type the command key(s) you want to use (CONTROL/META, ALT or SHIFT, or combinations) + a letter or number key. Type ENTER after you set the key stroke combination.


Key Stroke shortcuts for zooming and scrolling the view will apply both in the main view and in the sliced view.  The effect can be confusing when both views are visible in the same window at the same time. Opening the Sliced View tab in a separate window to disconnect the two views.

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