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IGB displays context menus when you right-click track labels or items in the data display area. These menus are called "context menus" because the menu options you'll see depend on what you clicked.

Right-clicking annotations

When you right-click an annotation, you'll see a context menu with the following options:

  • Select Parent selects the feature of which the right-clicked item is a part. For example, if you right-click an exon and choose Select Parent, the entire gene model is selected.
  • Zoom to Selected zooms to the right-clicked item. Choosing this option is the same as double-clicking.
  • View Genomic Sequence loads genomic sequence (if not already loaded) and displays it in a new Sequence Viewer window.
  • Search Web opens your web browser to Web pages that have more information about the selected model.
  • Get Info displays the Selection Info panel containing information relevant to your selection. 
  • BLASTX nr protein database searches a non-redundant protein database using a translated nucleotide query.
  • BLASTP nr protein database searches a non-redundant protein database using a protein query.

Right-clicking alignments

When you right-click an alignment, you'll see the same options as in the preceding section plus new options specific to alignments. Context menu items for alignments include:

View Read Sequence opens the aligned sequence in the Sequence Viewer.
Restore Read sequence superimposes the read sequence on the alignment blocks. Ordinarily, if the genomic sequence has been loaded, only mismatched bases are drawn.

For more information about alignments, see Visualizing read alignments.

Track labels

Right click a track label to view options and operations.

The menu you see will vary depending on the track type.

Annotation track right-click menu

  • Optimize Stack Height Set stack height so that all available annotations in the currently visible region are shown.
  • Set Stack Height Open a window that allows you to set the stack height.
  • Hide Hide the track.
  • Show Show hidden tracks.
  • Collapse Compress the track so that all annotations occupy a single row. 
  • Customize Open the Preferences > Tracks tab window.
  • Track Operations Perform operations on a track. See Annotation track operations
  • Color by Score Change annotation color depending on score
  • Set Range of Color by Score Configure color options.
  • Save Selected Annotations as File... Saves selected annotations to a file
  • Save Track As... Save all the data in the track as a file.

Short read (alignment) track right-click menu

Graph track right-click menu

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