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 If you set up your QuickLoad site in the Web directories of an Apache server, you can modify and fine-tune how files are displayed when users visit your site in their Web browser by adding directives to the .htaccess file in that directory.  

You can configure Apache to allow users to view the contents of your QuickLoad directory and include a short description of each file or data set.

Here is an example:

Options Indexes
IndexOptions FancyIndexing IgnoreCase FoldersFirst DescriptionWidth=*
AddDescription "Arabidopsis thaliana TAIR9 genome release" A_thaliana_Jun_2009
AddDescription "Annotation file list" annots.[txt|xml]
AddDescription "Chromosome lengths and assembly information" genome.txt
AddDescription "Available genome assemblies" contents.txt

You can also use the .htaccess file to password-protect entire folders with data or an entire QuickLoad site. This can be very useful when you're working on a data set and are not yet ready to make it available to the public. When IGB requests a resource that is password-protected in this way, it opens a dialog for users to enter a user name and password.

For more information, see:


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