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IGB may lose the ability to communicate with some or all Quickload repositories

IGB requires an internet connection to communicate with the default Quickload repositories.

These repositories host the many genomes, annotations, and example data sets found in IGB.


This image shows IGB warning that the various IGB quickload servers are not responding.


This image shows the IGB quickload servers highlighted in red indicating that IGB cannot communicate with them.

This image is from the File > Preferences > Data Sources tab. 


To fix the issue

Restart your computer

Various security settings may cause IGB to become unable to communicate with the Quickload repositories.

Users have reported that restarting their computers resolved the issue. 


Reset IGB preferences to defaults

Select File > Preferences > Other Options

Click Reset preferences to defaults to reset all the preferences to the IGB defaults.


Be careful, as this action will reset ALL preferences and will also cause IGB to forget the location you were last viewing.

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