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If you are having trouble viewing your data, see:

Check that your file is in a format we support

IGB can open and read most formats commonly used in genomics.

See File Formats.

If you would like IGB to support a new format, let us know.

Click Load Data button

IGB can open and display data files located on your computer, Web sites, and Quickload sites.

When you first open a file, IGB adds it to the Data Management table in the Data Access tab. The Data Management table lists a Load Mode for each opened file. By default, IGB adds most files and data sets using the Manual  load mode setting, which means you must manually trigger data loading. To load data from a resource with Load Mode setting of Manual, zoom in to a region and click the Load Data button located in the top right of the main IGB window.

Tip: Change Load Mode to Genome to trigger loading all the data at once. Only do this for smaller data sets.

Examples of data sets that work best when loaded in the Genome mode include:

  • List of significant regions identified in a ChIP-Seq experiment
  • GTF files output from CuffLinks
  • T-DNA insertion lines (Arabidopsis)

See Loading data.

I opened my sequence file but all I see is a gray bar and dashes.

To save memory, IGB doesn't load sequence data until you click the Load Sequence button. To view the bases, click the Load Sequence button and then zoom in.

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