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The first IGB User's Guide appeared in 2003 when Affymetrix first released IGB. For many years, the User's Guide was published in PDF format. In 2010, we converted the User's Guide to wiki format to allow more people to contribute to the Guide and update it as the IGB application changes and grows.


The IGB User's Guide use Confluence wiki software from Atlassian Software, which gave us a complimentary license to use their products.

Many people have edited and added content to the User's Guide. Contributors include Ann Loraine, John Nicol, Archana Raja, Hiral Vora, Shira Stav, Vikram Bishnoi, Alyssa Gulledge, Mason Meyer, David Norris, Richard Linchangco, Ivory Blakley and many others.

Document Conventions

On-screen text (i.e., menus, button labels, folder names, field values, etc.) is indicated by bold font.

An item followed by a "greater than" symbol followed by another item means "click the first item; the second item will become visible; then click the second item."


  • File > Open File... means "click on the File menu and choose Open File..."
  • View > Set AutoLoad Threshold to Current View means "click on the View menu and then click the Set AutoLoad Threshold to Current View button"

Note that some images are from earlier versions of IGB and may differ slightly from the latest, released version.

Unless otherwise noted, the manual assumes you are using a two button mouse (right and left buttons).  If using a single-button mouse (e.g., on an Apple computer), press the CNTRL (control) key while clicking to perform operations that require right-clicking.

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