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Mastering UNIX is much easier if you have access to your own personal UNIX server.

To give you this experience, you'll use the iPlant Atmosphere cloud computing platform to create a virtual UNIX server over which you'll have full administrative (root) privileges.

One advantage of using a VM to learn UNIX is that if you make a mistake you can't recover from, you can terminate your VM and start a new one.

Another advantage is that once you learn how to "log on" to your VM, you'll have access to your VM from any location, thus making it much easier to do your work.

This week, you'll:

  • Learn how to do basic system administration tasks, including installing software
  • Get comfortable logging in to a server and doing work
  • Meet the Apache Web server and learn to configure it

Read and/or Watch

  • Atmosphere Users' Guide - Review the Atmosphere manual.
  • Learning the bash shell, Chapters 1 through 3


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